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About Counselling

Counselling has much to offer and can be transformative when you find yourself struggling to cope emotionally.  Additionally, the insight and understanding that counselling provides can assist self-development and personal fulfilment.


Sometimes life can become difficult to cope with emotionally.  You may be aware of a specific event that has triggered this such as a bereavement, health issues, work issues, relationships, or perhaps a change in your family, work or financial circumstances.  You may have been (or perhaps still are being) abused - physically or mentally - or been the target of bullying, perhaps at school or in the workplace.  Your mental health could also have been negatively impacted by the Covid 19 pandemic.   

However, it might be you have no idea why you feel the way you do - you just know that you are struggling and want to feel differently.  Sometimes this can be despite many positive things that are happening in your life.

Perhaps the things you once turned to in order to help you cope are no longer working and instead are now contributing to your emotional decline, for example food, alcohol, gambling or engaging in behaviour that puts you at risk. 

Counselling can provide you with the tools you need to handle your emotions so they do not continue to overwhelm you.  It can help you to gain a better understanding of yourself and  make sense of how you are feeling, enabling you to make the sustainable, positive change you need to move forward.



The Natural Health Centre
The Thoroughfare
IP12 1AS

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Ipswich & Woodbridge

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Face-to-Face appointments are available in Woodbridge and Kirton (Near Felixstowe)
  On-Line and Telephone Counselling is available Nationwide  

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